We organize wine tastings, tours of the winery, excursions to explore the natural features of the local area, photographic outings, outdoor wine tastings in the vineyards, dinners under the stars, and simple tours of Cisterna. Our desire is to welcome you as guests to share the magic of the countryside and everything else that gives character to our lands and their products. For us human relationships are precious. If you feel attracted by one of our propositions, just come knock on our door: you will be greeted by smiling faces, engaging conversation and tasty wines. Depending on the season, we can offer you (nature permitting) potatoes from our garden, hazelnuts grown on our land, and kiwis and figs from our fruit trees. And of course we have plenty of grapes to eat in September! .



        Azienda Agricola Cą di Tulin
        Via Lame, 17 - Cisterna d'Asti - Asti - ITALY
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