We live in Cisterna d’Asti, in the heart of an area at the borderlands between the Monferrato area, the Langhe and the Roero, recently given the official name of the Alfieri Hills, characterized by a breathtaking view of the local Medieval castle. On these soft slopes, where the air nourishes the land and the sun heats it with its rays, everyone in the family has a role to play in the production of wine and the management of our small family-run business.



Azienda Agricola Cą di Tulin

Via Lame 17 - 14010 Cisterna d'Asti (AT)

TEL. +39 0141383679

CELL. +39 3482513495

MAIL info@caditulin.it




Would you be interested in working with us on a project, an initiative where wine might somehow fit in? We believe that it is important to venture into new territories, merge areas of competence and, most importantly, respect one another, as people first and foremost, and also as professionals.

If you are excited by the idea of mixing wine with other things (books, music, design, social activism, writing, etc., etc.), of getting off the beaten track and inventing something new with us, let us know your thoughts. Write to us at: info@caditulin.it

        Azienda Agricola Cą di Tulin
        Via Lame, 17 - Cisterna d'Asti - Asti - ITALY
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