The idea of going back to cultivating the land originates in us as a passion and quickly becomes an occupation, an experience that is continually evolving. We have mixed the love for our origins with the wisdom of tradition and the dynamism of technology. We have gone back to cultivating the land, bringing out the best in traditional grape varieties and honoring the natural cycles and culture of winemaking.

Alessandro Olivetti says:
“I stepped back into the traditional work of my forebears and now come forward to bring its richness to our lives and to those of the people with whom we share our wines.”

The vineyards, lying across the border between the Provinces of Asti and Cuneo, produce Barbera d’Asti, Barbera d’Alba, Nebbiolo d’Alba and Langhe Arneis. Named for our town, our “mascot” is Cisterna d’Asti, a red wine from the “borderlands” made from “croatina” grape. In honor of women, we have Maria Teresa (made from partially fermented croatina grapes), an homage that grandpa Tulin dedicated to the women of Casa Olivetti.

The name of our winery, Ca’ di Tulin, comes from the name of our house, indicating, in the dialect of Piedmont, the home of the family of Bartolomeo Olivetti. The current cellar was built by our great-great-grandparents behind a natural embankment that prevents any sudden changes of temperature. The constant humidity level and low light are additional factors in creating an ideal environment for producing and aging wines and ensuring their uncompromising quality.

Fermentation and aging is done as it was done in the past, assisted by modern temperature control and winemaking technology, and by our passion for experimenting and improving every year.








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